Best English School in Auckland

We compile a list of the best English school in Auckland

Choosing the right school is extremely important but finding a proper school can be tough, especially for learning a language – so we help you pick out the best English school in Auckland. You want to make sure you do good things for your child.

There are a lot of factors that one needs to consider before simply rushing to get admission. A student needs to consider the available courses, the tuition fees, the location, the classroom environment, etc.

This article will focus on the best English schools in Auckland and what courses they offer, their location, their reputation, the costs of their courses, and other features they offer.

Seafield School of English

Seafield School of English is based in the city of Auckland and was founded in 1982. It is located on Queen Street.

The school offers an extensive range of English courses for every stage. Along with helping its learners achieve their linguistic goals; it also makes sure that the learning process is a pleasant and ethnically motivating experience.

The english school offers:

  • Courses on General English; the General English courses are available in 6 levels, from beginner to advance.
  • Exams on LanguageCert International ESOL
  • A level-4 NZ Certificate in the English Language for both general and academic purposes.

Seafield School of English offers housing of two types; Homestay – Single-person room – Half Board/ Full Board. The price range starts from $183 to $204.

The applying student must be 18 or above and deliver proof of skills and interests relevant to the selected course. The prices of the courses start at $330.

Aspiring Language Institute

Founded in 1989, Aspiring Language Institute is a private teaching institution. The institute provides an extraordinary level of special care to students.

The students are treated as individuals and encouraged to improve their skills to the best of their proximal development. The institute offers courses on intensive English, which focuses on General English as well as the IELTS preparations which cost from $320 to $400.

It also offers 16 week-long courses on NZCEL level 4 which costs $7,250. The institute also provides a course of English for Migrants which has all year-round intakes. 

The prices in the institute start from $1,125 this includes Homestay Accommodations and administration costs. They do offer courses for students under 18 (15-17) for an additional charge. Given the current situation, the institute offers online courses as well.

Language Studies International (LSI)

The LSI Auckland campus is situated right at the end of Scotia Place, Auckland. The institute offers over 50 different language courses and is well known for its English courses. The range of their language courses include –

  • General and Intensive courses
  • Premium Courses
  • Academic Courses
  • University Preparation
  • World of Work
  • Experiences
  • Demi-pair Program
  • Study and Work Experience
  • Evening courses

They also offer online courses that cost from $180 to $420 for 4 weeks. Their prices for classroom courses start from $622 which takes account of the course fee as well as the housing fees.

EC English Language Schools: Auckland

EC Auckland is one of the best choices if you want to achieve your English language objectives at the same time exploring the beautiful site of New Zealand.

This well-known institute is located in Karangahape Road and offers 12 language courses to help learners reach their language goals. Their language learning courses include-

  • General English
  • Semi-Intensive
  • Intensive
  • One-to-one (5/10 lessons per week)
  • Semi-Intensive Language Semester Abroad
  • Intensive Language Semester Abroad

The prices of these courses go from $777 to $10,840 including course and housing fees. 

If a learner needs a course to prepare for a test, they also have quite a few solutions for that. They offer-

  • IELTS Exam Preparation
  • IELTS Semi-Intensive Exam Preparation
  • IELTS Intensive Exam Preparation

The prices of these courses go from $1,216 to $ 1,364 including course and housing fees.

They also have two English courses for business purposes. They are-

  • English in the City
  • English for work

The prices of both of these courses are $851 including course and housing fees.

The applying learner has to be 16 or above. They also offer online courses in their online platform EC Virtual. It delivers English language learning by utilizing the innovative EC curriculum.

Dominion School

Dominion School has established a name by offering excellent schooling in a helpful, culturally-aware, domestic setting that helps students to gain the abilities and understanding to reach their learning objectives for over 50 years. This particular establishment offers a wide range of courses including-

  • General English courses (price starts from $370 to $970)
  • Exam course (price – $2460 excluding exam fee and text)
  • English for academic purposes (price- $4100 + $70 for text)
  • Teacher training courses (price starts from $1640 to $2425 excluding exam fee and text)
  • Business English (Price $280 + $30)
  • TOEIC (Price $280 excluding exam fee and text)
  • Teenage courses (price starts from $280 to $430 excluding activities fee and text)

They also have the facility of accommodation, Welfare services available from mentors, Assessment testing every 5 weeks, Monthly lecture, and many other services.


Many different issues may affect your decision and it is important to consider many things.

Some factors require just as much attention as the quality of education such as the probable cost of a school, the environment, the courses offered, and the reputation of the school.

As mentioned before, finding the right institute with the right language course for you can be intimidating. One needs to ensure a lot of factors before making a decision, which requires time and research.

All of the institutes in the given list are well recognized for their English courses and does offer many additional features along with ensuring quality education. They not only focus on helping the learner achieve their goals but also ensures a pleasant process to achieve them.

Hopefully, this article was able to deliver all the information you need to make the right choice.